Future Foundations Work Program Description

What is the program and who does it serve?
The program involves the Future Foundations endowment to be funded by several sources. An endowment is a permanent fund which earns interest over time, with the distribution or proceeds from the fund to support an institution. The distribution or proceeds from this endowment will serve Roncalli students in need of financial assistance. It is the long term goal of the endowment, that all need based financial assistance will be funded solely through the proceeds of the endowment. This program is one of the sources that will fund the endowment.

How does this program work in regards to my financial assistance and what is a “work day”?
In previous years, the requirement for financial assistance was membership in a Catholic parish and participation in the school’s walkathon. A work component as been added for the last 25% of qualified assistance, at the rate of up to $500 a day, until the last 25% of each family’s qualified assistance is consumed. The first 75% of qualified assistance is credited to your family’s tuition account without any work requirement.

What is involved in a work day?
Last year, 200 families worked four separate concession stands at Lucas Oil Stadium during events ranging from Colts football games to the Monster Jam event. We will look to continue to work events like these, but not necessarily at Lucas Oil Stadium. Currently activities include serving food and drink, and are similar to those activities you find working at your parish festival or fish fry. We will try to combine families that are new to the program with families that have worked prior in the program for each event. The start time for each event varies, but the length of a work day is typically 6 – 8 hours, but sometimes longer. A bus took care of transportation, to and from, the back parking lot of Roncalli for each event.

Who can work?
The program is for adults to work for two reasons. First, many students are incapable, or unwilling, to work at the level required for the program. Second, there is alcohol served in each of the concession stands in which we work. For your family, either spouse (or both spouses) can work; or someone can work who is 21 years or older, in which you designate to cover your family’s work requirement (this provision would help those who are physically handicapped). If you are physically handicapped and are unable to find someone to work, please contact the Business Office at Roncalli for alternate work opportunities.

Can I opt out of a work day(s)?
Yes, but your family would not receive the corresponding financial assistance amount for that day(s). Should you know up front that you would not like to work some, or any, of the days for the remaining 25%, we would ask that you notify us when returning the tuition payment schedule form. Financial assistance money foregone will return to the financial assistance endowment program for other students in need of financial assistance.

How does the endowment get funded?
The company that runs the overall concessions at Lucas Oil Stadium contributes a commission percentage of the sales for each stand to the school. This commission averaged about $75 per person per event. These dollars are used to fund the endowment.

Once I have completed my work days for financial assistance, can I work further to add to the endowment, or work for tuition?
YES! Once you have completed the work days for financial assistance, you can continue to work and receive further financial assistance to be credited toward your family’s tuition account at a level nearer the commission rate level (last year this averaged about $75 per person per event). After you have fulfilled your work days, the subsequent days worked will be at the proportion of 80% for additional financial assistance for your tuition account, and 20% for the endowment. We will continue to look to add possible work events in addition to the attached Lucas Oil Stadium calendar of events, such as Victory Field (72 events) and other Lucas Oil Stadium events as they occur.

Will I be working with only financial assistance families?
No, last year we had a wide variety of current families, staff members, Roncalli Board members, etc. Some were receiving financial assistance and some were simply raising money for the program. Assistance confidentiality remains in the program, as the only way someone will know you are receiving financial assistance is if you tell them.

Why are we having the Future Foundations Endowment program?
There are several reasons for the program. The critical reason behind the program is a recognition that the cost of educating students at the secondary level is escalating at a rate that the current school revenue sources cannot maintain without increasing tuition at a level that will eventually price the school out of the reach of too many families. This endowment could give the school an alternative revenue source so the tuition in the future can be at a level that is affordable. The program also provides financial assistance families an opportunity to give back to the school, and specifically the financial assistance program assisting students who need financial assistance in the future. It also gives anyone who is interested in building the endowment program for the future of the school an avenue to donate.

Roncalli High school has seen record enrollments over the last 4 or 5 years. This will not necessarily be the case in the future. Many of our Catholic schools who were seeing record enrollments just decades ago are already closed, or fighting to keep the doors open. It is too late to try to build endowments when you are fighting the closure of your school.